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STREET GIRLS takes place in the hard streets of the Bronx where a struggling female pimp (Palmer) grows up learning the game from her dad (DMX). Once he’s gone, she’s left to look out for her mother and girlfriend Nikki, while creating enemies after stealing another pimp’s prized girl.

Holding On

Holding On is a highly charged and intricately plotted contemporary thriller set in London’s gangland. Yet the film is not so much concerned with the mechanics of violence and retribution as with the arbitrary and unpredictable effects that a single violent act has when everyone involved is working to a different agenda. This thriller keeps […]

New Money

A struggling pet store worker kidnaps her estranged father after he cuts her out of his will.

Bikini Moon

At a homeless drop-in centre in New York City, a documentary crew finds Bikini Moon Davis, looking for help and a place to stay. With wide, lively eyes and a broad smile, Bikini is provocative, bold, and dynamic – and also clearly in a troubled mental state. Claiming she drove a forklift in the Iraq […]

In The Blood

A criminal gang looks forward to a big payday until Albert Graves their peterman (safecracker/thief) suddenly dies.. Spotting an opportunity, Albert’s grandson Johnny approaches the men at the funeral but is chased out by his abusive father. But the safecracking skills that Johnny has been taught by his grandfather do not escape the gang and […]


Joe, a mild mannered young man is bored by his life. When his beloved brother is murdered Joe finds solace in Piggy, one of his brother’s old friends. Piggy helps Joe to cope with grief, intent on saving him and helping him get justice for his brother’s killing. As their friendship grows Joe finds himself […]

No Fixed Abode

Adam (Baladi) lives at home with his wife and daughter. But when he wakes up in a hostel bed one morning with no recollection of how he got there, he begins to fear he has lost his former life and his family. As he tries to piece everything together, he finds those he seeks help […]


In a small (fictional) emirate of the Persian Gulf, a world-weary journalist is caught up in a coup where the Emir’s son, under the influence of a political renegade, attempts to depose his father, the ruling monarch. Flashbacks of the journalist’s life show us how his relationships with the Emir and a beautiful young woman […]