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Richard Stroud


In a small (fictional) emirate of the Persian Gulf, a world-weary journalist is caught up in a coup where the Emir's son, under the influence of a political renegade, attempts to depose his father, the ruling monarch. Flashbacks of the journalist's life show us how his relationships with the Emir and a beautiful young woman develop and flourish.


  • Middle east Powder Keg...””Deadline”” which seems ahead of its time as we have the son staging a coup under the guidance of a Muslim political renegade. A fascinating political thriller, owned by Jihn Hurt, who brings layer upon layer of character depth that makes you believe Hurt has spent decades living in the Middle East.

    The Movie Scene
  • ...high production values ...., and probably represents one of Hurt’s best performances. The plot will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.

Genre: Thriller
Run Time: 81 min
Year of Production: 1988
Language: English, Swedish
Director: Richard Stroud
  • John Hurt (1984)
  • Imogen Stubbs (Sense of Sensibility)
  • Greg Hicks (The Mercy)
  • Robert Pugh (Robin Hood)
  • Production Co.: BBC (DEADLINE)