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Evil Ed
Anders Jacobsson

Evil Ed

Gore on the edit room floor. Edward is a friendly, harmless film editor in the Culture Department at a studio. In a different department the Editor cutting together the "Loose Limbs” series with lots of blood and gore commits suicide and Edward is drafted in as cover. He is gradually driven insane by the gratuitous violence and Edward becomes 'Ed' ... Evil Ed!


  • Evil Ed” is a low-budget goof crafted by a team of Swedes who were diligent and determined enough to cobble together a budget, and savvy enough to shoot in English, giving this unpretentious, bestial little film a shot at some video life outside their native shores.

  • ….this is a gem of a film, and is a must watch for fans of the gross-out genre. Fast paced and tongue in cheek, it loses momentum in the final third, but the creativity and loving tribute to it’s predecessors mean that’s nothing to lose your head over!

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Run Time: 93 min
Year of Production: 1995
Language: English, Swedish
Director: Anders Jacobsson
  • Johan Rudebeck ()
  • Per Lofberg ()
  • Olof Rhodin (The Real Estate)
  • Camela Lelerth ()