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No Fixed Abode
Steve Rainbow

No Fixed Abode

Adam (Baladi) lives at home with his wife and daughter. But when he wakes up in a hostel bed one morning with no recollection of how he got there, he begins to fear he has lost his former life and his family. As he tries to piece everything together, he finds those he seeks help from unwilling to believe his story. Will he be able to regain his old life?


  • It’s a neat concept, with the amnesiac protagonist piecing together past events

    Ben Nicholson, CineVue
  • ...there’s much to enjoy in Patrick Baladi’s central performance. He is the hub around which the rest of the film spins, so his ability to keep his character believable and sympathetic is crucial, and he succeeds in encapsulating a sense of bewilderment and fear.

    Amber Wilkinson, Eye For Film
Genre: Thriller
Run Time: 74 mins
Year of Production: 2012
Language: English
Director: Steve Rainbow
  • Patrick Baladi (The International)
  • Simon Lowe (Jack The Giant Slayer)
  • Saskia Butler (Ultimate Force)