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Mariachi Gringo
Tom Gustafson

Mariachi Gringo

A stifled, small-town man stuck in a dead end life, runs away to Mexico to be a mariachi singer. MARIACHI GRINGO is a musical tour-de-force exploring the reality of "following your dreams" across cultural, personal, social and geographical borders.


  • A road trip movie filled with simple pleasures. Ashmore does a solid job as a mariachi musician without a single grenade-launcher in his guitar case.

    Empire Magazine
  • As the moving concluding scenes cement, “Mariachi Gringo” is right on pitch - and, happily, not simply as you’d expect.

    New York Times
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Run Time: 107 mins
Year of Production: 2012
Language: English, Spanish
Director: Tom Gustafson
  • Shawn Ashmore (X-Men)
  • Martha Higareda (Get Married If You Can)
  • Adriana Barraza (Rambo: Last Blood)
  • Kate Burton (127 Hours)