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Booked Out
Bryan O'Neil

Booked Out

Booked Out follows the quirky exploits of the Polaroid loving artist Ailidh as she spies and photographs the occupants of her block of flats. Jacob, the boy next door who comes and goes quicker than Ailidh can take pictures. Jacqueline, the mysterious girl that Jacob is visiting and the slightly crazy Mrs Nicholls who Ailidh helps cope with her husbands continuing existence after his death. As Ailidh gets closer to winning Jacobs affection the world that they all live in will be changed forever.


  • Booked Out is almost the textbook definition of independent British filmmaking.... this slice of indie cinema brings something refreshing to the table – a desire to explore the lives of unique characters who have been marginalised by society.

    Cine Vue
  • Mirren Burke (Kathyryn Kelly) delivers a fine performance as an eccentric comic-book artist in this gentle comedy... Un petit Amelie, sans the continental exoticism.

    The Guardian
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Run Time: 76 mins
Year of Production: 2012
Language: English
Director: Bryan O'Neil
  • Sylvia Syms (The Queen)
  • Kathyryn Kelly ()
  • Rollo Weeks (The Thief Lord)
  • Claire Garvey (Northern Soul)