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Rolling Like A Stone

In an 8mm amateur home movie from 1965, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones attend an after-concert party with local musicians and fans. The party-goers try, forty years later, to make sense of these memories, and the eternal question of ‘What could have been?’

One Humanity

The film examines the background to the two global television broadcasts that were staged in the name of Nelson Mandela in 1988 (while he was still in prison on Robben Island) and 1990 (less than two months after his release), as well as the role they played in the struggle to end the Apartheid system, […]

Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story

Willy T. Ribbs was the Jackie Robinson of auto racing. Despite being a Formula Ford champion in England, Willy T. had another race to win when he returned to America—the race against bigotry. Many owners, mechanics, sponsors, and drivers in the racing world derisively referred to Willy as “Uppity” behind his back; death-threats, unwarranted suspensions, […]

Shelby American

The story of automotive icon Carroll Shelby who started as a chicken farmer and went on to become one of the winningest racing drivers in American motorsports, and the only man in history to win in Le Mans as a driver and a manufacturer.

Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman

The world knows Paul Newman as an Academy Award winning actor with a fifty-plus year career as one of the most prolific and revered actors in American Cinema. Yet few know the gasoline-fueled passion that became so important in this complex, multifaceted man’s makeup. His racing career spanned thirty-five years; Newman won four national championships […]

The 24 Hour War

The Ford versus Ferrari rivalry is one of the most famous battles in racing history. In the early 1960s, Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari went to war, and used the 24 Hours of Le Mans as their battlefield. This epic battle saw drivers lose their lives, family dynasties nearly collapse and the development of […]

I’m an Electric Lampshade

A joyous, heart-warming and offbeat docu-narrative adventure starring Doug McCorkle, a buttoned-up, mild mannered corporate accountant who retires at age 60 to become the world’s least likely rock star. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction as Doug puts his marriage, life savings and reputation on the line to chase his lifelong fantasy. An inspiring underdog […]

My Father and the Man in Black

My Father and the Man in Black is a 2012 Canadian documentary film directed and produced by Jonathan Holiff about the stormy relationship between country music star Johnny Cash and the filmmaker’s father, Saul Holiff, Cash’s personal manager.

The Athlete

Running the streets of Rome in 1960, an unknown, barefooted Ethiopian man stunned the world by winning Olympic gold. Overnight, Abebe Bikila became a legend. Bikila was in a tragic car accident which left him paralyzed. Unable to walk he entered the Paralympics. For the first time, the true story of Bikila’s epic quest for […]