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The Alvarado
Richard Goldgewicht

The Alvarado

Encouraged by the stay at home orders of 2020, filmmaker Richard Goldgewicht challenges 7 friends to have a drink with him at his house. The result adds up to exceedingly intimate and engaging interviews in a film filled with energy and clear affection for its subjects. Part time capsule of East Los Angeles during the height of the pandemic, part irreverent essay on masculinity in times of cancel culture, the Alvarado shows an intriguing gaze at friendship and a high sense of originality. The Alvarado draws inspiration from the tradition of 'hang out films,' akin to cinematic gems like My Dinner With Andre (1981), Dazed and Confused (1993), Clerks (1994), Before Sunrise (1995), Swingers (1995) and The Puffy Chair (2005).

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 92 min
Year of Production: 2024
Language: English
Director: Richard Goldgewicht
  • Alez Rotaru (Shakespeare High)
  • Benito Mueller (The Whistleblower)
  • Richard Goldgewicht (A Thousand Kisses)
  • Jason Wulfsohn (Tracing Cowboys)