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Scintilla/The Hybrid
Billy O'Brien

Scintilla/The Hybrid

An elite team of mercenaries is hired for a covert operation, deep inside a former Soviet state. Arriving at an underground laboratory, their mission is to secure specimens of genetically engineered human and alien hybrids. Battling with a ferocious armed militia as well as dark, menacing creatures, the odds of survival are stacked against them.


  • Scintilla is a British sci-fi horror movie that feels as if it has been made by people who spent time playing Resident Evil!

    Kevin Matthews, Flickfeast
  • ...a cocktail of shoot outs, claustrophobic chases, creepy underground exploration, freaky monsters, Sci-Fi spectacle and some great gore when it all ultimately kicks off in the climax which is much more than many may have expected from a British movie.

    Alex Humphrey, Love Horror
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi
Run Time: 94 min
Year of Production: 2014
Language: English, Russian
Director: Billy O'Brien
  • John Lynch (The Boys From County Hell)
  • Morjana Alaoui (Martyrs)
  • Antonia Thomas (The Good Doctor)
  • Craig Conway (The Duke)
  • Ned Dennehy (Good Omens)