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It’s Always Been You!
Andrew McCardle

It’s Always Been You!

It’s Always Been You! was a time and place, eleven thirty five AM on September the fifth, to be exact, when all of life’s loose ends began to coalesce. The aethereal, the material, the digital. Now, on the hottest day of the summer, the neighbourhood is boiling. It’s heating up so fast, it just might boil over. And if we look closer, we see the stories of those who live, and have lived, and died among these streets.


  • East European International Film Festival, Warsaw – Official Selection
  • Festival Angaelica – Official Selection
  • Global Nonviolent Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Hollywood International Golden Age Festival – Official Selection
  • Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema – Official Selection


  • An indisputable homage to Spike Lee

    Florence Film Awards
  • A world that the likes of David Lynch, Robert Altman and Allen might touch upon if they collaborated

    ohn Higgins, FilmandTVNow
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 91 mins
Year of Production: 2020
Language: English
Director: Andrew McCardle
  • Sparkman Clark (Isn't it Romantic)
  • Victor Barranca (Model)
  • Jacqueline Real (My Crazy Love)
  • Matt MCGlade (Avengement)