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Club Le Monde
Simon Rumley

Club Le Monde

Club Le Monde follows an evening out at a seedy nightspot. Plot strands involve a trio of lost transvestites, two girls who never leave the toilets, a pair of innocent under-age drinkers and a guy who is determined to pierce his genitalia, but the central story follows Ali as she sets out to humilate her former lover, Mike, who slept with another woman.


  • Club Le Monde is blessed with a cast full of entertaining and archetypal characters; from Danny Nussbaum as the pill-popping, raving bore Mr Sunglasses,….And it goes without saying that it’s a film with a good soundtrack, with the likes of Brandon Block, Alex P and Mr C on the decks.

    Mark Cunlife, Letterboxd
  • Films like “Trainspotting” and “Human Traffic” were among the first to acknowledge the existence of Britain’s vibrant clubbing scene. “Club le Monde”, ... may be a little late off the mark, but it still provides an affectionate and perceptive homage to the music and madness of the early 90s.

    Neil Smith, BBC
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Run Time: 79 mins
Year of Production: 2002
Language: English
Director: Simon Rumley
  • Danny Nussbaum (The Cottage)
  • Emma Pike ( Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont)
  • Tania Emery (Den of Lions)
  • Lee Oakes (Harry Brown)