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Miloslav Samardzic


Serbia, autumn 1942, The German army has swiftly captured a majority of the Kingdom Of Yugoslavia. The SS has dispatched 200 men to a mountain hideaway to flush-out one of the Royal Yugoslav Army officers - Colonel Nikola /;Kalabic. The Colonel and his men are surrounded, can they hold out against the German SS, before reinforcements can arrive. Or to surrender ? Knowing full well he and his men will be tortured and killed.


  • This film is very similar Srđan Dragojević’s Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

  • ...authentic fighting scenes and actions of people in wartime conditions.

    New Standard
Genre: Action, History, War
Run Time: 90 min
Year of Production: 2022
Language: Serbian
Director: Miloslav Samardzic
  • Borko Brajovic (Taxi Blue)
  • Sasa Stankovic (The Defender)
  • Nenad Petrovic (The Clan)